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We are currently signing up members for the 2015 season

fill out a member contract if you are interested or feel free to contact us for more information



What is a CSA?

The Whipstone Farm CSA (community supported agriculture) is a subscription program where members pay their money up front for the season to help support the farm operations; they share the risks and rewards of the harvest with the farmers, and in return receive a weekly distribution of fresh, locally grown produce.


A share includes 7-10 different vegetable varieties per week and an optional flower share.  While you don’t get to pick and choose what produce or quantities you will receive, you are provided with substantial quantity and variety and you receive the “cream of the crop” including special items that never make it to the farmers market.  See the list of crops we grow on the bottom of this page to get an idea of what your share might include.



Our goal is to give as much produce as we feel an average family or enthusiastic individual will eat.  We estimate it to be enough for 2-4 people, but of course, everyone eats differently.  Anyone is welcome to split a share as needed, but the responsibility of finding a partner and dividing up the produce will be yours. 




What if I go on vacation or otherwise can’t pick-up my share?

Ask a friend to pick-up and enjoy your weekly allotment (maybe you will convert them into members for the following year). Otherwise your share will be donated to a food bank.


What if there is something I don’t like or I want more than what is given in the share?

We will have an exchange basket for people to switch unwanted items and extra vegetables can be purchased in addition to your share if availability allows.  We are always open to suggestions of how to adjust the shares to meet your needs.  But, at the same time, we are trying to find a middle-of-the-road approach that makes most people happy and everyone has different tastes.  Participation in a CSA does require flexibility and creativity on your part. 



What will I do with these newly discovered vegetables?

We provide recipes on our website to help you learn to use your newly discovered vegetables.  We will also send out weekly emails in advance of pick-up, informing you of what you will be receiving that week to help you plan your other grocery shopping.  Visit our blog: The Purloined Recipe for ideas on how to cook your vegetables.

Why Join a CSA?

One of the best things about being part of a CSA is the number of things you can feel good about

Personal Health – the food is healthy because it is seasonal and fresh, usually harvested and delivered the same day.  Some members say that they receive more produce than they might buy otherwise, but this forces them to eat healthier and they truly appreciate it.

Economics – You get a substantial savings over the price you would pay for the same items at the farmers market.  By supporting a local business you also keep your money circulating in your community.

Food Security- supporting local farms ensures that farms stay in the community, which is nice for the landscape but even more importantly ensures that local food will be available into the future.

Environmental health - local food uses less fossil fuel for transportation and naturally grown food keeps harsh chemicals out of the environment.

Community Building – Know your farmer and know where your food comes from. Be a part of a food revolution!


What about volunteering or visiting the farm?

We welcome visitors any time to help with work or just to enjoy the farm.  We want our members to feel this is their farm, but we appreciate a call first.   Don’t forget the annual Whipstone Farm barn bash at the end of the season – an event not to be missed!


How much does it cost?

The CSA season starts the first week of May and goes through the end of October.  You can find the cost for the CSA on the signup form link at the bottom of this page. Available shares for the 2015 season are limited. We are also offering flower shares this year - 15 weeks of flowers (June - September).

Shouldn’t everyone be able to enjoy the benefits of CSA?  The Farm Share Fund raises money to get CSA shares to families that could not otherwise afford them.  The family is expected to pay a small amount, the farm reduces the cost of the share and the remaining amount is made up through donations.  If you would like to donate to the Farm Share Fund, you can add the amount onto your sign-up form. Any amount is helpful.


Our growing practices and philosophy

Using the term ‘organic’ requires certification under USDA regulations. This certification is expensive for a small farm. Therefore, the term ‘organic’ is not used to describe the farm’s growing method, but you can be assured that all crops are grown without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides while ensuring that the land is being treated responsibly for the health of the environment and our community.  We welcome visitors to come and check us out.


About the Farm

Whipstone Farm is located in Paulden, 25 miles north of Prescott. Whipstone farm was started in 1995 as a large garden that produced more food than our family could eat.  We have grown every year since then and have 15 acres in production now, growing over 100 varieties of vegetables and flowers.  Along with the CSA, we sell produce at the Prescott and Flagstaff Farmers Markets, and to local restaurants.


About the Farmers

Farmers Cory and Shanti Rade have many years of experience growing in this harsh climate and they work hard to keep the vegetables coming all season long.  Their goal is to build community by growing food.  There are often international volunteers, college students, and other workers helping at the farm as it takes many hands to keep the farm growing. 






The Crops:







Bok choy        

Braising mix   


















Mustard greens



Peas: sugar snap and snow







Salad mix




Summer Squash

Swiss Chard






Winter Squash





If you would like to sign up for a 2015 CSA membership click on the link